Introduction to Selenium with C#

Selenium là bộ kiểm thử tự động miễn phí (mã nguồn mở) dành cho các ứng dụng web trên các trình duyệt và nền tảng khác nhau.

We have already discussed about Selenium with Java in our Execute Automation Channel as two playlists

C# is yet another language binding for Selenium and C# language binding will be updated along with Java project.

There are few other major language bindings like Ruby, python, Javascript.

Difference between Selenium C# and Java

There is NO major difference between Selenium C# with Java, It’s just the languagedifference along with some changes here and there to support new firefox browser or chrome etc in both of these languages, and some of the changes in the code level are

We can also see the difference in Change log of these language bindings. C# has more sophisticated IDE i.e. Visual Studio, which gives faster development and debugging experience compared to Java eclipse (well it can be complete reverse to some people)

Here is the complete video of the above discussion.

Thanks for reading the post and watching video !!!

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